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What are the most common market entry methods in Nigeria?

Updated: Jul 2

Common Market Entry Methods for Nigeria

Companies seeking to enter the Nigerian market can choose from a range of entry strategies, each with its advantages, risks, and suitability factors:

  1. Direct Export:

Direct Export: A Detailed Look

Concept: Selling goods directly to Nigerian buyers, including importers, distributors, or end-users, without relying on intermediaries. This offers greater control and potentially higher profit margins but also entails greater responsibility for market navigation


  • Control: You maintain direct oversight of sales strategies, marketing, customer interactions, and brand positioning, ensuring consistency and brand protection.

  • Profit Margins: Eliminating intermediaries can potentially lead to increased profit margins.

  • Customer Insights: Direct engagement with the Nigerian market fosters a deeper understanding of customer preferences, trends, and competitor activity.


  • Customs and Logistics: Handling customs clearance, shipping, in-country transportation, and warehousing requires experience or partnerships with reputable logistics providers.

  • Relevant Authority: Nigerian Customs Service (

  • Regulations: Understanding ever-changing import regulations, product-specific requirements (potential certifications, quality standards), and tariff implications is essential.

  • Relevant Authorities: 

  • Nigerian Customs Service (

  • Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) (

  • National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) for regulated products (

  • Market Research: Conducting thorough market research remotely can be challenging. This involves identifying suitable buyers or distributors, understanding demand trends, and local pricing structures.

  • Building Relationships: Establishing trust and rapport with buyers in a different cultural context often requires on-the-ground presence or working through experienced local representatives.

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