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What is the average consumer profile and buying behavior in the Kenyan market?

With a population of over 47 million people, the Kenyan market is one of the most dynamic and vibrant markets in the world. It is one of the largest markets in Africa, offering a wide range of opportunities for international companies.

However, to succeed in the Kenyan market, companies must understand the average consumer profile and buying behavior, which is quite complex due to the diverse population and varied buying behavior.

The Average Kenyan Consumer

According to recent surveys, the average Kenyan consumer is a young adult, aged between 18-34 years, who lives in an urban area. They are highly educated, with more than 80% having attained secondary education. The average Kenyan consumer is also tech-savvy, with more than half of them having an internet connection and an active social media account.

Buying Behavior

The Kenyan consumer is quite discerning and spends more on items of quality and value, with a preference for paying cash for purchases. This indicates that the Kenyan market is highly competitive, and customers are willing to pay a premium for quality products. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, with mobile devices dominating over 65% of online purchases.

Popular Products in the Kenyan Market

Mobile phones are the most popular product in the Kenyan market, followed by food and beverages, clothing, and household appliances. Beauty products, home appliances, books, and entertainment products such as music, movies, and gaming are also increasingly popular, with over a third of consumers regularly purchasing these items.

Payment Methods

Cash is still the preferred option for over 92% of consumers. However, credit and debit cards are becoming increasingly popular, with over 44% of consumers now having at least one card. This trend is expected to continue as more Kenyans become comfortable with using digital payment methods.


The Kenyan market is a dynamic and vibrant market, with a wide range of products and consumers of different backgrounds. The average Kenyan consumer is tech-savvy, discerning, and willing to pay a premium for quality products.

Understanding the average consumer profile and buying behavior in the Kenyan market is essential for businesses to understand their target market and plan their strategies accordingly. By doing so, businesses can create effective and successful strategies in the Kenyan market.

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