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Are there any incentives or subsidies available for international companies entering Kenya?

Kenya has been experiencing a surge in foreign investment and a growing business environment. International companies are attracted to the country's dynamic economic fundamentals, improving regulatory environment, and increasing middle class. Incentives and subsidies are available to make the entry process into the Kenyan market easier for foreign investors.

Tax Incentives:

The Kenyan government offers tax incentives to businesses operating in the country, including a reduced corporate tax rate of 25%, various tax holidays, and exemptions. Companies can benefit from tax credits, tax deferral, and credits for research and development.

Grants and Subsidies:

The Kenyan government has programs that assist businesses in setting up operations in the country, such as the Kenya Investment Promotion Program (KIPP) and the Kenyan Business Incubation Program (KBI). In addition, the government offers several grants for businesses in the agricultural, technology, and manufacturing sectors. The Agriculture Sector Investment Program (ASIP), Technology Innovation Program (TIP), and Manufacturing and Industrial Development Fund (MIDF) provide access to capital and credit.

Infrastructure Support:

The Kenyan government provides support and guidance in terms of infrastructure, including access to energy and water, as well as the construction of roads, bridges, and other transportation links.

Export Promotion Council (EPC):

The EPC provides financial and technical assistance to help international companies set up operations in Kenya, along with export incentives such as tax exemptions, loan guarantees, and other forms of financial assistance.

Tax Incentives for Companies:

The government has introduced a range of tax incentives for companies investing in Kenya, including capital gains tax relief, import duty exemptions, and tax credits for research and development. These incentives make it easier for international companies to invest in Kenya.

Support for SMEs:

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the SME Growth Fund, which helps companies access capital to expand their businesses. They can also take advantage of a range of other financial incentives, such as tax credits and grants.

Infrastructure Projects:

The government has introduced infrastructure projects to improve the business environment in Kenya. These projects make it easier for international companies to do business in Kenya, such as the construction of roads, ports, airports, and the expansion of the telecommunications network.

Policies for Foreign Direct Investment:

The government has implemented policies to encourage foreign direct investment in Kenya, such as the enactment of the Investment Promotion Act of 2014 and the Foreign Investment Promotion Scheme.

In conclusion, Kenya is an attractive investment destination with various incentives and subsidies to make it easier for foreign investors to enter the Kenyan market. These incentives are designed to support the growth of the economy and create job opportunities. Following reliable sources of information is essential to stay informed about the latest developments in the Kenyan market.

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